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Both humidity and dry air can be uncomfortable for you and damaging to your possessions.

Too much humid or dry air can make you feel uncomfortable and damage your possessions. But the proper balance of humidity can provide health benefits and preserve your wood furniture.
Moisture from a humidifier aids your respiratory system and boosts your sinus health. The right amount of humidity can also protect your wood furnishings from drying out and cracking in the cold weather.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the ideal levels of humidity for a home should be less than 60% in the summer and 25 – 40% during the winter. When you set your home humidifier to appropriate humidity levels, you receive additional benefits including:
•    Dry skin relief
•    Fewer nosebleeds
•    Reduced chances of sickness
•    Extended life of your wood furnishings

At HomeSmart, we have helped Denver, CO residents feel comfortable at home in our high altitudes for over a century. We also have certified technicians who perform home humidifier installations, as well as maintenance and repairs.
Choose from our Honeywell and Lennox central air humidifiers. Both are great options and provide many benefits. However, you should consider the size of your home when you choose a humidifier. Honeywell is a great choice for a first humidifier with a variety of products for different house sizes, while Lennox is better for more experienced homeowners with a smaller house.

Our humidifiers regulate your home’s humidity and keep you comfortable all year round. If your humidifier ever need repairs, don’t hesitate to call our technicians to fix it. You’ll find our contact information below.

what to consider


During the heating season in Colorado, higher humidity allows less moisture to evaporate from your skin. As a result, your body feels warmer—and you can keep your home’s temperature a few degrees cooler. We recommend about a 35% humidity setting on your whole house humidifier for wintertime. Your family is more likely to breathe easier, and your furniture is less likely to crack.


Reduced humidity is needed in the summer, when you want to speed the evaporation of your skin’s moisture (thus releasing your body’s excess heat). A central air conditioner will remove humidity from the air as it extracts heat from your home.


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