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Want to improve the air quality in your home?
HomeSmart recommends using home air purifiers with high MERV* filtration.

HomeSmart is proud to now carry the line of RGF Guardian Air Purifiers for your home.  These purifiers do not rely on pollutants travelling into the air handler for purification; instead, the Guardian purifiers are proactive and send aggressive ionized oxidizers into the rooms to destroy the pollutants at the source (in the air and on the surfaces) before they can reach your family members.  These units are better than traditional UV light rays, which have little-to-no-effect on gases, vapors and odors.  Guardian purifiers reduce odors, air pollutants, chemical odors, smoke, mold, bacteria and viruses, with up to 99% effectiveness.

What We Offer:

  • Guardian Air PHI Cell:  easily mounted into air conditioning and heating system air ducts. Creates an Advanced Oxidation Process consisting of friendly oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of the pollutant. http://www.rgfairpurification.com/pdf/Guardian-Air-Brochure.pdf

  • Guardian Air REME Cell:  Utilizes an electro magnetic energy cell to create Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™, a friendly oxidizer plasma made from oxygen and humidity, propelled into the HVAC duct by a silent propulsion module. This provides for fan or blower-less operation on a 24-hour basis and is effective against gases, odors, microbials and particulate.  http://www.rgfairpurification.com/pdf/REME-Brochure.pdf

  • Plug-In Plus Single-room air purifier that can be used in any room and is inconspicuous. Plugs directly into a wall outlet and can be used with or without its internal fan. The Plug In Plus is an air treatment system not a filter, and features a night light and additional electrical outlets on the side.  http://www.rgfairpurification.com/pdf/Plug-In-Brochure.pdf

We also install the Lennox PureAir systems, which is rated to 16 MERV, with the ability to remove the smallest air particles, pollens, mold spores, viruses and airborne odors.

what to consider


Air filters are measured by the MERV* standard—rated from 1 to 16. They come in widths of 1” (standard) to 4” for both ultraviolet light and activated charcoal systems. With regular cleaning and maintenance, home air cleaners remove particles such as dust, dander and pollen—all of which affect those suffering from asthma, allergies and other breathing disorders.


Good air flow is critical to your air cleaner’s operation. Keeping the filter clean (or replaced at proper intervals) allows air to move freely across the system’s heat exchanger and evaporative coil. Static pressure from a clogged filter can compromise efficiency and overheat the unit, reducing its operating life.


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* MERV - Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Describes the filter's ability to capture particles and ranges from 1 to 16. Typical fiberglass filter = MERV 1. The higher the MERV rating, the better the filtration.


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