Home Heater Repair in Denver, CO

Don’t Chill Out in Chilly Weather! Get Heating Repair in Denver, CO

Your heating system probably stopped working at the worst time of the year. Now, your whole family feels cold and uncomfortable. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with this discomfort for long when you call for heating repair in Denver, CO.

But which type of heating repair do you need? First, you need to know which type of heating system you have: a forced air system or a forced hot water heating system. Let’s take a look at these two heating systems and some potential problems.

Forced Air System

If you have a furnace, you have a forced hot air heating system. The furnace works by heating air and then sending it through the air ducts throughout your home.

If your furnace won't work, first check your thermostat. Make sure the batteries work, the switch’s position hasn’t been changed, and the temperature is set at least three degrees higher than room temperature. Also, check all the electric connections and make sure the emergency shut-off switch wasn’t accidentally triggered.

If your furnace still won't work, it could have a more serious problem. Potential problems with this system include:

  • Dysfunctional thermostat
  • Broken or blown fuse
  • Extinguished pilot light
  • Clogged filter
  • Broken part: belts, bearings, motors, etc.
  • Electronic ignition or control valve problem

A professional can examine your furnace and determine how to repair your furnace problem.

Forced Hot Water System

If you have a boiler, you have a forced hot water heating system. The boiler heats water and sends it through your pipes to heat your home. As with the furnace, you should make sure a fuse hasn’t tripped or blown and that the pilot light hasn’t extinguished. Other common problems include:

  • Mineral deposits
  • Problem with the expansion tank
  • Problem with the pumps

Again, consult with a professional to determine the source of the problem.

A professional at HomeSmart from Xcel Energy would be happy to diagnose and repair your furnace or boiler problem and restore your home’s heating. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau proves that top service is our priority. Call today at 1-866-837-9762 for heater repair in Denver, CO..




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