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Restore Your Home's Comfort with Homesmart's Air Conditioner Repair services in Denver, CO

If your air conditioner breaks down over the summer, your home quickly becomes hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable. You want to turn your home back into a cool oasis as soon as possible.

But what air conditioner repairs can you perform yourself? And when should you call an expert for air conditioner repair in Denver, CO? We'll give you a few pointers below.  

What's Wrong With Your Air Conditioner?

Before you call in the professionals, see if your air conditioner could benefit from one of these simple fixes:

  • Glance at your thermostat. Is it set to the right temperature? Did someone accidentally switch the "cool" setting accidentally to the "heat" setting? Verify that you've set the unit correctly before you contact an HVAC professional.
  • Clean your unit. Over the fall and winter, debris and leaves can build up on your air conditioner, which slows its efficiency. Clean your unit, then see if it still blows hot air. Always remember to turn off the unit's power before you clean it.
  • Clean your filter. Just like furnace filters, most air conditioner filters need to replacement or cleaning once per month.
  • Check your drainage tube. If you notice a pool of water around your unit, the drainage tube might be blocked by ice, mold, or mud. Clean or replace the tube to solve the problem.  

Call for Affordable Repairs

If you've tried these solutions and the air conditioner still rattles, refuses to turn on, or blows hot air, contact the HVAC technicians at HomeSmart—we'll return your air conditioner to working condition in no time.

For cost-effective air conditioner repair in Denver, CO, call at 1-866-837-9762. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, fill out our contact form available here.



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