Appliance Repair Plan FAQs in Denver, COs

Q. Can I choose the appliances covered?

Yes. The HomeSmart Appliance Repair Plan protects up to 17 major home appliances. We initially recommend that your home furnace, hot water heater, refrigerator and range be covered, but you may pick any of the appliances we cover, depending on your needs.

Q. Where in Colorado do you provide service?

HomeSmart's certified technicians and network of service partners provide service to Xcel Energy customers throughout the greater Denver area and other parts of Colorado, including Pueblo and Grand Junction.  Call us at 1-866-837-9762 to find out if we provide service to your area.

Q. Is there a deductible on home appliance repairs?

No. Our monthly fees cover all costs on covered appliance repairs, including labor and parts. Please read our terms and conditions for the details of your coverage for each appliance.

Q. What's the difference between Certified EfficiencyPlusTM (CEP) and the Appliance Repair Plan?

CEP covers repairs on your furnace (and water heater) or central air conditioner (and water heater) and includes annual Precision Tune-Ups and Safety Checks. The Appliance Repair Plan covers repairs on up to 17 major home appliances of your choice. An annual Precision Tune-Up may be added to the Appliance Repair Plan as an option.

Q. Can I just have the Appliance Replacement Coverage?

No. Replacement Coverage is a supplement to our Appliance Repair and Certified EfficiencyPlusTM plans. It is designed to help you replace an appliance if it is beyond repair or if the cost of the repair exceeds what the appliance is worth.

Q. Do you come out and check appliance for pre-existing conditions before covering them?

We ask you to verify that all appliances are in working order. We conduct audits on a random schedule. There is a standard 30-day waiting period between signup and the beginning of coverage.

Q. Do you need the model and serial numbers on my appliance?

We ask that you list the brand name and model number when you sign up. When this information is available, it helps our technicians know what parts to bring with them on service calls, reducing repair time and increasing efficiency.

Q. Why can't you just give  me a quote for a new furnace, home boiler or central air conditioner over the phone?

Each home is different. Depending on electrical wiring, physical constraints, and the heating or cooling needs of your particular home, sized-specific equipment will be recommended. In Colorado, most original heating or cooling systems are oversized – too big. This causes them to wear out faster and operate poorly. We properly size anything we install, and stand by its operation.


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