Dead Air Conditioner?

Keep Your Cool and Stay Comfortable Until It's Fixed!

It's the middle of summer, and the temperature outside is soaring. At least it's cool inside-until your air conditioning breaks down. Suddenly your home goes from cool and crisp to stuffy and unbearable.

You need to get a HomeSmart service technician to repair or replace your unit, but what about until he or she can get the job done? Even if our technician comes right away, it might take a while for your unit to be up and running again. You'll need to find ways to survive until then. Try these six tips to stay comfortable while your AC unit's down.

1. Fans
Unfortunately, fans don't cool the air in your home the way your AC does. However, when the moving air hits your skin, it will whisk heat away, helping you cool off. Run a fan in the room you're hanging out in to take advantage of this cheap fix. However, since fans don't lower the temperature of the air itself, don't bother running them in unoccupied rooms.

If you're living without AC for the night, fans can help you cool off your home, which means that you'll start off the next day with lower temperatures indoors. Use multiple fans to create a cross-breeze once the temperature outside is lower than the temperature inside.

Open your windows, and position fans in front of them. On one side of your home, have the fans facing inward to pull cool air in. On the other side, have the fans facing outward to blow hot air out. You'll ventilate your home efficiently throughout the night.

2. Close the Curtains
If you're trying to keep heat out of your home, you have to block the sunlight. According to Family Handyman, up to 30 percent of the excess heat in your home can come in through your windows. Lower your blinds, close your curtains, and try not to open the doors, and you'll prevent sunshine from heating up your home unnecessarily.

3. Use Water Strategically
When it gets hot out, we all know that hitting the pool or running through the sprinklers can help you cool off. However, water can do more than that.

You're already using a fan to keep cool until your AC starts running again. You can make that fan into a tiny air conditioner by putting ice in front of it. Just load a mixing bowl or roasting pan with ice cubes or ice packs, and put it directly in front of the fan. When the air moves over the ice, it will get chilled and pick up water vapor-so when the air reaches you, it'll be colder and mistier.

Drinking Water
Your body cools off by sweating-when the sweat evaporates off your skin, it takes heat with it. However, this only works if you don't get dehydrated. Drink plenty of water so your body can do its job and get rid of extra heat. If you don't want to drink water, then at least make sure to avoid anything with caffeine, as it can make dehydration worse.

Spray Bottles
While sweating will cool your body off, you may still feel uncomfortable. Help your body out by spraying your skin with cold water. Keep a spray bottle of ice water on hand, and periodically spray your skin, especially at hot places like your neck, wrists, and the back of your knees. You'll get relief immediately.

If spray bottles aren't enough, consider a cold bath or shower. Just like jumping into a pool, it'll cool you off quite a while by lowering your core temperature.

4. Turn Off Extra Appliances and Lights
If you leave extra lights or electric appliances running, they will generate heat. Turn off everything that you don't need.

5. Dress for Success
You're probably already wearing shorts instead of long pants. However, make sure whatever you're wearing is lightweight and loose. Tight, heavy clothes trap perspiration against your skin, which means that it can't evaporate and get rid of heat. You'll be more comfortable in something lighter.

6. Avoid Cooking
You have to feed yourself and your family, air conditioner or no. However, cooking heats up your house at an astonishing rate. If you can't eat out until your AC gets fixed, then consider your options.

Whatever you do, don't use the oven-nothing will heat up your kitchen more. If you're quick, you can get away with using your stovetop, especially if you turn on your kitchen fan to get rid of steam while you cook. However, your best bets are slow cookers and your outdoor grill. These options won't heat up or humidify your home.

If your AC has gone out, you can live without it with these tips. However, you'll be much more comfortable after it's fixed, of course. If you contact HomeSmart as soon as possible (1-866-837-9762, or online at, or find us on Facebook), one of our trained technicians can get your AC fixed or replaced in no time!

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