Home Boiler Repair in Denver, CO

Your heat isn’t working, leaving you huddling under blankets and drinking excessive amounts of hot cocoa just to stay warm. If you have a forced hot water heating system, the problem might lie with your boiler.

The boiler heats your home by heating water and sending it through your home’s pipes. After passing through pipes, the water enters radiators in each room. If your boiler is on the brink, your home can’t be heated. Fortunately, HomeSmart from Xcel Energy offers expert boiler repair in Denver, CO. 

What’s Wrong with My Boiler?

Before you call in a professional, you may first wish to pinpoint the problem with your boiler. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has a fuse been tripped or blown? Try resetting the circuit breaker and see if your boiler begins producing heat again.
  • Is the pilot light on? If it’s extinguished, check your owner’s manual for relighting instructions. Your best bet is consulting with a professional who has experience troubleshooting pilot lights.
  • Are there mineral deposits on the inside of the boiler container? If your boiler makes a rumbling sound, it is probably dealing with mineral buildup. This makes it harder for your boiler to heat the water. Call a professional to clean your boiler.

When Is It Time to Call a Professional?

If your boiler doesn’t have the above problems, there might be a more serious problem, such as a problem with the expansion tank or circulating pumps. If your boiler needs to be cranked all the way up to produce heat—or won’t produce heat at all—it’s time to call a professional for boiler repair in Denver, CO.

The experts at HomeSmart from Xcel Energy are NATE-certified technicians. We’ve been in business for over 100 years—that’s right, 100 years—and we are committed to providing the best appliance care to Colorado homes. Call us at 1-866-837-9762 and we’ll fix your boiler in no time!




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